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Friday, April 19, 2019
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We wish you a pleasant stay in Villa Kikovi. Please read the instructions for use of the house.
You can drive your car all the way to the house. Directly in front of the house can be parked 3-4 cars. On the outside wall of the house, on the right side next to the entrance behind the fuse box there are two switches that turn on the light in front of the house. There is also a plug for external use.
The main source of heat in the house is a fireplace. When you want to load it, you have to first extract the CUG (the bar) on the right side until it begins to burn. Later, when the fire blaze as needed can sip back fully or half way for better efficiency. In any case, whenever you feed the wood later, extract the CUG to avoid smoke. As soon as the wood injecting sip may return. In the box next to the stove you can find small wood and paper pellets. The container with the ashes must be emptied when full.
Water is the borehole and like that is limited in supply, because of that it is necessary to carefully use it and save it mainly when washing and showering courts. It is necessary to take into account that after using tap always be closed until the end to prevent water constantly dripping. After using the toilet see whether the water ceased to flow from the pot. There is sufficient water in the well, and if over-used or constantly leaking it can get empty and in that case it will take some time to be re-filled. The water is good for drinking.
Please keep screan doors closed so flies and other insektii would not enter the house.
Before your arrival the house is completely arranged and cleaned. We would ask you that such and leave when you leave. Bed linen, towels, dish cloth, etc. are clean and unused. Before leaving you can put used towels, and linens on the floor in the hall in front of the bathroom.
Garbage can be disposed of in bags and cans that are one on top and one on the lower terrace and also in metal barrel located next to the house. Pleae keep the lid on the trash closed. You should not leave plastic bags with waste and food outside because as such stray puppies and a variety of other animals will shred around the yard. Before leaving you can take garbage to a nearby landfill, which is located halfway to Belanovica on the right side. Black plastic garbage bags are located in the lower room on the shelf under the sink.
When parking and turning vehicles keep in mind that this is carefully done because of the nature of the terrain.  In winter chains are essential.
The upper inner part of the house is non-smoking zone. The room in the lower part is designated for smoking. The use of any kind of drugs is not allowed.
The house is equipped with complete kitchen equipment. There are 3 TV, Satellite, Internet, two music devices.
It is not allowed to take away anything from the house. If it happens some kind of damage during your stay, please create a specification to determine adequate compensation.
If you are interested in yummy food (lamb, pig, chicken, eggs, cream, cheese, cheese pie, homemade bread), you can phone us and we will do our best to provide it for you. It can be arranged to bring it to the house.
To grill, kettle or earthen pots can be used wood and charcoal. Dry wood is sufficient and charcoal is required to bring your own. Earthy pots and pots can be used in furnaces on the upper terrace.
On the outside of the house and surrounding trees are number of light bulbs that illuminate the house at night and the environment and thus create a special experience. If you want you can stay deep in the night and enjoy the company and music (quiet or loud) without fear that you will harass anyone.
We want you to feel like you're at your home and enjoy complete privacy that this house provides and at the same time we ask that you treat the house as well as to things just as you would be referring to your own home. Have a good time and leave everything in the state as it was before your arrival.
If you have any questions or need anything during your stay please call: 061/191-3283  |  064/081-8987

If departing from Belgrade, proceed toward Cacak, taking  the Ibarska highway for about 70 miles, and then turn left towards Dudovica. From Dudovia take the road indicated for Belanovica for about 12 km.  When you  arrive at approximately the center of Belanovica, look for the Rudnik sign and  make a right towards Rudnik proceeding for approximately 4 km. Look closely on  the left side for a wooden sign with a red and white circle (like a target) and  red and white wooden arrows, at those signs, turn left and proceed downhill on  a gravel country road for about  150 meters and you have arrived at Vila Kikovi.

GPS coordinates:

DD (decimal degrees)
Latitude: 44.218823
Longitude: 20.426780

DMS (degrees, minutes, secondes)
Latitude: N 44. 13. 7.763
Longitude: E 20. 25. 36.408

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